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About Us

With 20 years in the market, DORA Construction has delivered exceptional projects ranging from large commercial projects to meticulous restorations across Atlantic Canada.


Pride in our heritage, building for the future.
We Build For You.

DORA's offices in Dartmouth, Lunenburg, and Sydney deliver superior solutions and the best people for every project. We commit to delivering significant project expertise, design flexibility, innovative technologies, consistent project management, and small company values to our clients. 

DORA offers a broad spectrum of services and delivers multiple project types. Our capabilities are diverse and specialized, whether retail, commercial, residential, industrial, Net Zero, historic restorations, community/non-profit, or First Nations construction. We build for you.

Community building is our passion. During the planning, design, and building phases, our priority is to address the community's concerns, expectations, and perspectives. We take a proactive approach to community participation to make a difference in the communities we work with - from First Nations communities to local and national level non-profit organizations.


The successful execution of our projects has led to lasting relationships with industry members, business partners, all levels of government, and most importantly, the community members we have had the pleasure of meeting.


 We build communities that are connected and make an impact.

Our Core Values and Guiding Principles

Our Values

Life-Long Learning

Build upon our strengths

Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated

The golden rule


We are trustworthy and dependable. We build strong character.

Commitment To Get The Job Done

We keep our word



We learn together and trust each other



Everybody goes home every night



 We listen and provide fair opportunities to all

The Team

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